11 October 2010

Clean Cake.

I hope I manage to decorate a cake each week,thats my plan.
This is just a sponge cake covered in Buttercream and I used the Wilton
Paste food coloring,pink,green and then to that green I put some black for the heart.
I used an open star tip to make that border and also to make the heart and I used
the smallest writing tip I had to write M.Q.
My tips and icing bags are actually really junky..yup..Ikea kind of sucks but I'm ordering some stuff from England and I hope it will be here really soon but until then I'll just made do with what I have.

First Fondant Creation.

This is my first try out with Fondant. This is actually also my first home-made fondant and I used a bowl under it.
I was feeling both sweet and spooky that night which explains the lovely roses and the spooky ghosts (or want to be ghosts).