25 April 2010

Giardino delle delizie and Aosta

Giardino delle delizie

Grape fruits

Those are not lemons
What an adventure.

So I just thought you guys might want to see some pictures, am I not kind?

13 April 2010

Cakes and more

One of the best MOVE nights..

One of the best chocolate cakes I've made.

My Mothers birthday cake.
My Fathers birthday cake.
And the Easter cake.

Sorry for making all you people wait here are pictures of the cake I made for Easter and some other stuff.

01 April 2010

I'm back for a while...

Sorry for the long silence but now I have a week of vacations (I'm so happy!) and I'll be posting more often. Now let me go ponder on what cake I should make for Easter. Bye bye!