27 February 2010

Cake fun

So here you go guys.My first three-tier birthday cake.That is what I just finished doing on my Satuurday night.It's almost 3 in the morning,so before I forget I just wanted to post this now since I'm busy all week studying.Tell me what you think,I'm off to bed now.
Buona notte.

18 February 2010


When Esty took us to buy Ben and Jerry's and we sort of got lost? We should all go back to La Eliana someday. I miss you Ozie!

P.s. Stay tuned becuase I've got more pictures coming.

13 February 2010

Gothic cakes and whatnot

Some things are just to amazing to be left alone.

09 February 2010


The title explains it all.I love the colours they use.Unfortunately I'm not the author of these magnificent cakes but one day,I will be.
I'm off to study now,bye-bye.

06 February 2010


So yeah..I just made myelf a blog out of boredom and stuff.But I think I will use this mostly for my cake creations and some other junky stuff.So without further ado I give to you my own personal JUNK BLOG! YAY!!

Have a good day all you junky people..